TaaS – Test as a Service

Testing Managed Services is based on a Service Level Agreement type contract that is agreed upon on a plurianual model. It is deployed in a sequence of stages:

  • Prep stage – the team prepares the build-up. It occurs simultaneously with the contract signature. It also includes the detailed specification of the Transition Plan.
  • Transition Stage – it’s the implementation of the Transition Plan. There is a detailed specification of Capacity, Team Size, Infrastructure and Supporting Tools, Management Model and Service Level Monitoring, among others.
  • Operational Stage – the period when the overall service control becomes fully effective.
  • Resume/Changeover Stage – the service may be resumed by a different entity (third-party or the client), after the goal of the contract has been accomplished.




Our well trained professionals are quick learners. They all speak fluent English, are polite and great to work with. They are indeed of invaluable help when there’s a need to reinforce testing teams. We set up teams locally or remotely, spanning periods of time that can vary from a few days to several months.

With a considerably-sized lineup and our newly equipped Testing Lab, clients can benefit not only from good economies of scale, but also from very fast response times. The service is provided on an “as needed” basis, so it can be activated or suspended at any time.

It is particularly effective option for clients with relevant testing effort fluctuations throughout the year and it is designed both for functional and performance tests.

NearShore Centre Professional Services is complemented by the ability to provide support tools on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis.

If you need to expand your Test team just for one project or if you have more comprehensive testing needs, give us a call. Timestamp Advance is committed to your success.

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