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The Digital Media and Games landscape is constantly changing. Where do you see your company next year? Where do you see it in three years? Is your organization well equipped to deal with growth, are you using the most adequate technology to suit your objectives, do you have the right EPR, CRM, Digital Marketing or Cloud tools in place, is your road-map well supported technologically at the most competitive prices? Are you ready to face the future?

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Assessment A – Data Quality

  • data consistency and unambiguity
  • database merger and systems/cloud integration process assessment
  • ERP and CRM data usage and storage process
  • Data Access Security

Assessment B – Advanced Gaming Analytics

  • Current installed KPI tools and data generation
  • Player segmentation and Privacy Directive compliance
  • Predictive and Reactive decision making process

Assessment C – Business Intelligence

  • Currently installed BI tools and process
  • Data Quality and Data Processing

Assessment D – Limited Bespoke Assessment

  • Give us a topic that worries you and a set of objectives you have defined


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