Sports Betting and Casino

Serving the Casino and Sports Betting community in 2020

In the last few years TimestampAdvance has developed a strong relationship with the Betting Industry, supporting both Regulated Market licensed operators and Betting Platforms across a wide range of technologies.

In 2020 we are expanding our services with special focus on three main areas that have proven to be key success factors with our clients:

Data Quality and Big Data Initiatives

If Data is the new oil, curating the quality of Data is the key to an effective refining process. All Casino and Sports Betting operations generate a very large amount of fragmented data, from short lived player accounts to opened bets, incomplete transactions, inconsistencies between systems, duplicate accounts and empty or faulty records. These data defects tend to increase as time passes and millions of new records are created and pile on. Data Quality impacts significantly on the hindsights that can be taken from the wealth of information generated by an online gaming operation.

BI and Analytics

Welcome to the refinery. Once the quality of base data is established, then the way is opened to extract the most refined information. There are numerous standard KPI’s that help track the operation. However, since no two player base is equal, being able to “question” patterns and behaviors – evidenced by bespoke analysis and metrics – is the key to optimization.

Business Consultancy

At the end of the day any gaming operation is a business and should make money and keep customers happy and playing. Our company has helped gaming operations from inception to success in regulated markets, accompanying the full business cycle and supporting our clients each step of the way. That includes all stages of planning, but also technology procurement, team building and hiring, marketing and system managed services.

Tell us about your needs for 2020 and order our Portfolio.